Kristie wears - Natasha corduroy folk print pants and Bauble knit jumper - Available in store.

The first day of winter is here again. And it’s officially freezing! 
So we took to the back alleyways of our Paddington store and took some pictures of Kristie wearing the Folk print pants and Bauble knit jumper from the current Winter 11 range, these pictures really put a smile on our faces for more than a few reasons....
1. Kristie looks amazing
2. LOVE the outfit
3. Attempting to capture the "au naturelle" vibe, basically consisted of me saying "now spin around and move your arms up and down and I'll just take a bunch of photos!"
4. Laughing really hard after that happened.

& 5.  Kind of unrelated but very 'smile worthy' nevertheless, the Natasha Paddington store went on SALE today! Up to 50% off all of your Natasha favorites! 
The online store will go on sale next week so stay tuned for updates!

The team at Natasha

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