She's a Rainbow

(Images by Anthony Ong)

Take a look at these beautiful images - We thought that you would all like to get a little sneak peak in to the life of Natasha,  featured in the latest Madison Magazine! !
Here are a few piccis from one of her many trips to Bali where she was designing the current Summer collection.  

A few words that Natasha has said describing her life in Bali -

"I do get a lot of my inspiration from Bali, all the collections are designed there....the colours of  the nature, the hindu culture, the people, anything is possible there, creatively its pretty sublime...
I am attached to the place, it was the first place I visited abroad as a teenager,I was totally captivated.
I have planned my whole life around being there,I have so many amazing people in my life there, its my second home!"

"The inspiration for the spring collection that we have just finished selling which has been a huge success by the way, was a kind of French Morroccan fusion..its very chic bohemian. 
I was in love with a lot of the images of Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards in Morrocco in the 70s together, their sense of style and freedom, was just so mesmerising to me, I wanted to re create that feeling."

'You don't find a style,... A style finds you" - Keith Richards.

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  1. Wow!!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! I just stumbled on your blog and can't wait for more!
    I feel so at home and inspired looking through the images of your home in Bali. I just got back and can't wait to go back again I just can't get enough of the lifestyle, interiors and the people there I envy you that you call it home. X