Cape Town

Kristie wears - Lindsay Thornburg cloak, Jane Lambert wool hat, Natasha velvet slip, Natasha  flat leather high boots (all available in store)

For most of us, the idea of wearing an outrageous, voluminous cloak, circa - Little Red Riding Hood, would probably have just been a fantasy, but Lindsay Thornburg wants to make it a reality. Influenced by her travels in South America, this Colorado native has been designing cloaks since she moved to New York a few years ago. 

Made from wool with silk linings, the mid-length capes are a perfect wrap for chill-descending nights. 

We took to the alleyways of our Paddington store to snap up a few photos of Kristie in one of the amazing aztec print cloaks that we received last week.  We only have very limited supplies of these baby's and the staff have been eyeing them off from the second they arrived so get in quick.  

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