French muse

Happy Saturday girls, hope everyone is ready and super excited for RAFW! I know we are!
 Fashion bloggers far and wide will be clearing their memory cards, charging their batteries and preparing the perfect outfits! Speaking of fashion bloggers, a few weeks ago our beautiful Charlotte was snapped up by Sydney blogger Elle of The Style Hack "If only my camera could capture the tactile softness of Charlotte’s Natasha rabbit fur vest and the melody of her delightful french accent! Bon journee Charlotte!"
Doesn't she look beautiful! 
 Wearing Natasha printed playsuit and Waterfall fur vest, this is the perfect RAFW outfit! 

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  1. Ooh, I just bought this playsuit and now I want the vest as well! I'm so happy you guys have relaunched the online store, do you know when you'll be selling the bamboo beaded jacket?

    Thanks x